Monday, August 22, 2005

Caterpillars & Toadstools...

will be getting some design photos added to the website. I am soo excited after my long and hard search my Hubby helped me pick out the perfect print fabrics for the button down shirts. He has such great taste. ;o) I don't want to show you just yet. I want to actually complete them and then add a little photo montage. We have 4 different prints and also a pair of corduroy cargo pants and courduroy shorts. I am also working on corudroy and denim jackets. I will get these designs finsihed if I have to pull all nighter for the rest of the week. LOL Okay not really. I will get them finished though. That's all I just wanted to share how happy I am to finally have the perfect fabric. ;o)

We also have listed on eBay part of our fall/ winter collection 2005. Be sure to check them out! Low starting bids!!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Come expand with us...

Whimsical Lily Boutique is doing some expanding. We have divided our offerings into a few different divisions. Each of our divisions have a different specialization that will appeal to different audiences. We felt that this would be better for both us as the designer/ manufacturer/ retailer and you as the consumer. You will be able to go straight to the site of your choice. The good thing about this is that all of the sites share the same shopping cart for one consolidated purchase which eliminates the need for making 2 and/or 3 different transactions.

Whimsical Lily Boutique offers our girls & women's boutique clothing, funky hairbows and stylish handbags. We will soon launch our women's yoga line. We just finished up a few of our tank tops that we will be offering. There will be a total of 6 different sayings/designs available. Currently the tanks will be available in black, white and possibly ballet pink cotton jersey knit. I am still deciding on what other colors I would like to offer them in. We are also offering cotton jersey knit yoga pants in the same matching colors. I am plan to offer my yoga line in hemp and/ or organic cotton knit once I am sure of the supplier I will post. I want to make sure that they are getting their fabrics from ethical fair trade manufacturers.

Currently in production is our princess line of room decor. We have a few cutesy little designs from our chenille initial pillows to monogrammed pillowcases to chenille & satin blankets, we are sure that we fill would make any little girl feel like a princess. We are also working on complete bedding sets which we expect for our bedding line to launch on our site by September 15th. If we are lucky it might just happen before, keeping my fingers crossed.

The first of our two newest divisions is Caterpillars & Toadstools . This is our brand of stylish little boys clothing ranging from size 12 mos to 7 years. We felt there is a need for more stylish designs than what is already currently being offered for our little guys. So we have been working diligently on our designs and picking out just the right fabric to represent our ideas. Our plan to officially open and launch Caterpillars & Toadstools is September 1st.

And the second division is Whimsical Feet. What is Whimsical Feet you ask?? It is our brand of soft soled shoes for babies & toddlers ranging from newborn to 6 years. Why are Whimsical Feet soft sole shoes different than all the rest?? They are created with the vegan/vegetarian family in mind. Being the mother of a vegetarian family, I know how hard it is to get cute soft sole shoes for our little ones that aren't made of leather. So about a year and half ago I began designing soft sole shoes using synthetic man made materials because I feel that we should also be able to have our little ones reap the benefits of wearing soft sole shoes.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We have some new goodies!!

Ok I am excited because we have some new goodies that we will be adding to the site tonight. Take a peek at what we will be adding. :o)

Over the next couple of days we will be completeing our collection by adding a twirl skirt, rhinestone embellished tees, a shirred top/ dress, velour pants and bloomers. Our girls collection (ranging from size 2T- tween/teen size 14/16) has grown by leaps and bounds. Our girls collection is now being offered in different prints... here is a sneak peek at a few of the available prints:

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Thursday, August 11, 2005

We got our first press feature!!!

I am sooo excited. WE got our first press feature. I submitted for one thing and wound getting press for something totally different. LOL So take a look at our write up:

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

We are open again and new auctions are listed!!

Well I officially reopened my site today!!! You are able to purchase not only the Fall/Winter 2005 collection but also our hairbows. We will also be adding our beaded jewelry, handbags and some pj sets over the next couple of days.

We also have listed part on eBay part of our fall/ winter collection 2005 plus some hairbows. Be sure to check them out! Low starting bids!!

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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Today's To Do List

Well my Hubby will be leaving me with the kids instead of staying home on his off day or taking the older two with him which I had planned on him doing one of those two options, I had to tailor what I acutally wanted to accomplish today. It's really hard trying to sew when my two little boys (3mos and 2yo) who are wanting to be picked up all the time. I am grateful for my 5yo little Princess because she is sooo helpful. She tries to keep her little brothers occupied whilst mommy works. I love her to bits!!!

Okay here are the things that I want to make today and hopefully get pictured so I can put them up on the site.

Ruffle Skirt & Capris to match the Fall Collection
Set of Mommy & Me totes
3 pairs of Hairbows
3 Crystal Beaded Barrettes

I did want to make a couple of things for the Caterpillars & Toadstools line too. I have some black and white tropical fabric that I think would look good as a button down shirt. So I want to make a button down shirt with some matching black corduroy pants. Add thar too the home page so you can see a sampling of what we will be pffering instead of just words.

Here are a sneak peek of a few hairbows that I made recently.

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

It's been a long time....

A lot is going on over at Whimsical Lily Boutique. Check out new homepage where we are showcasing some of our Back to School/ Fall 2005 Collection. We used yummy cotton velours, crisp corduroys, trendy cotton knit and woven fabrics. The break that we took over the summer has definately given me a new outlook on where I would like my designs to be and go from here.

We offer coordinating separates so you can mix and match the pieces you want to make the perfect outfit. The designs are trendy yet contemporary enough for my mom to be able to wear them to work or out on the town. We are proud of our awesome acessories line featuring funky boutique hair bows, crystal barettes, beaded jewelry and fabulous handbags.

We are still working hard behind the scenes to get our site back up and running. Testing out our shopping cart and making sure that all images, links and so forth work. We are also working hard on our boy's line and site, Caterpillars & Toadstools, where we offer clothing for little boys who want to dress their best. The sizes offered in our Caterpillars & Toadstools line is up to size 7 in boys. So stay tuned for more updates and our Grand Re-opening.

Sneak Peek of our Fall/Winter 2005 Collection:

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